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The music is finished, the stage is nearly set, and we are ready to get the new music out into the hands of the people! Today we start with a new song, the first single off our EP, KING.

King has been around in our live show since our first show, but we finally had a chance to get it recorded. To accompany the release of our new song, we are also putting out a video and the album artwork. Check out our YouTube page to view it.

The artwork is based off our Bomb’s Away artwork which was made into a shirt. Our resident artist/designer James, handled the layout and everything in between. You can more of his work at

The Accomplice will feature 5 new songs; some of these songs have found our way into the live set, but there have been a few that have not. Their titles and track listing are as follows:

  • King
  • The Bounty
  • Take Me Under
  • Burn It Down
  • Lifeless